These are just some of my testimonials over the last several years.  I also decided to review myself and my gifts.  Therefore, I have started doing my own videos where I talk about how my gifts have evolved each year.
Although I am a psychic and a medium my gifts keep evolving each year to a much higher level.  I actually help touch people’s souls and make them feel better by empowering people, helping them get rid of negative energy, and dealing with post traumatic or life changing events so they can transform into the person they are meant to be.
I don’t feel like my calling is just to give a psychic reading or just to connect with a loved one.  My purpose goes much deeper than that.  Whenever, someone is severely depressed or suicidal, that’s when my gifts tend to shine.  Of course, I also tend to use my psychic and or mediumship gifts on demand. When a person really needs a message, typically a loved one will come through to validate that everything is going to be ok or perhaps to say, “Hey you are on the wrong path. Something better is going to happen if you can just change your ways.”
Whenever someone is in severe pain, I tend to know exactly where the pain is since I”m an empath.  If the person is open & willing I will offer my services to help move that energy around & do some energy healing & or releasing on them.  For people, who are open and receptive to being healed and believe in the power of prayer, they are instantly helped.  Several people have walked away feeling pain free.  Other people who are not believers have said that there pain was reduced.  Since they did not feel they were worthy of being healed or beleive in the power of prayer and healing they only felt a reduction in pain. For these people it typically takes several visits to feel a huge relief of pain.

Date: 11-1-2017

Jill is someone who can see the future, see the past, feels your pain & she will call you at the very same moment you are thinking of her… (She just called me).  So freaky. About 3 years ago, I had gone to a new OBGYN. I was experiencing the usual, hot flashes, sweating, etc. This place was a referral by a friend so I called and made an appointment. The gal was very nice, very concerned, I felt like I was super important to her. Being my first visit, I felt pretty good  about it. She prescribed, to me, a drug to take at bedtime. I had already been on a hormone patch but assumed that she knew this and I was confident that they two drugs would work together and I would be feeling amazing soon. I was really looking forward to it. Four months later, I was in bad shape. I could not sleep, I couldn’t think straight. My concentration was gone and I had zero energy & no appetite. I couldn’t tell you what something was. I knew I knew what it was but I could not tell you the name of it. My family & friends were worried as was I. I was at work & my coworker was researching drug interactions as was my husband who was at home. They were both on a mission to figure out what was happening to me. Jill calls me out of the blue. She says, “what pills are you on?” I asked her why & she asked me again. I told her & she asks if the third one from the left was the new one… I keep my medicine in a 7 days plastic holder. Yes, I told her. She says, stop taking it now & call that doctor back & get in to see her. Tell her it is the pill that’s making you very sick. I call & make an appointment & get in the next day.I was in really really bad shape. My blood pressure was over 170 & I was feverish as well as feeling like I would pass out. The nurse was concerned as well as she put me in a room to wait for the “doctor”. I had already put down on paper everything that Ihad been experiencing. It took me awhile as I was not able to think clearly. The “doctor” finally came into the room & asked me what was going on. I asked her if she had the paperwork that I had filled out explaining it all. She said yes, but I want you to tell me again. It was like she thought I was lying and possibly wouldn’t remember what I had put down on that form. I told her what I was experiencing & asked her if it could be what she has prescribed that was making me sick. Instantly, she went into this pill and maybe I had something else going on that wasn’t related to my hormones. I didn’t understand why she was being this way & I started to cry. She told me this wasn’t her problem, that it wasn’t a hormonal issue. That I can stop taking the pill if I wanted to & that it was up to me. She then stood up & told me to get dressed & see the front desk girl. That was that. I got dressed & went to the front desk.I was then told you are free to leave. I made it back to my car &  cried so hard that I could barely breathe. I pulled myself together enough to call Jill. I told her what had happened & she said that the gal was not an OB DR, that she was a PA. (I found out later that Jill was right). Jill told me to get into see my PCP in the morning. She said they would work me in & they did. My doctor took one look at me & had me lay down. (I don’t know how I was driving myself around all this time) I told him the story about the OB’s office. He was furious that this “PA” would put me on unnecessary medication that would, ultimately, cause me to overdose over time. I wrote a complaint letter & sent via fax to their OB’s office & had no response. I sent it two more times with nothing. I finally gave up. After a week of not ingesting the pill, I started to feel better. Back to normal almost. It felt good. Had Jill not called that day insisting that I stop that pill & get to a doctor, I am certain that I would have waited longer & would have wound up in the hospital or worse. Thank you, Jill, for your insistence & encouragement,            Carol L.

Date: 11-1-2017

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Jill, even though it was a short session, she was very precise and covered a lot of information that I was looking for. I would definitely contact her again, she was compassionate and caring to help with all my concerns. Thank you,    Toni R

Date: 9-12-2017

I had a review last year, and yes she was definitely on point,so from then on I only go to her, I already had couple readings and every time, I’m still blown away, I couldn’t hide nothing from her, she’s so sweet to, I recommend her, she’s the go to person of you want a good reading and accurate, thank you Jill, see you soon again. Corrina S

Date: 9-8-2017

There are no words to express my sincere gratitude . Two months ago I had a reading with you. To my amazement you hit everything right on the mark. You also mentioned that I had an issue in my stomach area. At the time I was fine, a few weeks after the reading , my life changed for the worst. You were right about a health issue. I never thought that with 1 session with you , just how wonderful and alive I felt. You truly are genuine !! Thank you for helping this broken body.  Jeanette P

Date: 8-25-2017

It was great opportunity to meet Jill . Her psychic services are excellent. Her answers are very straight forward and clear . She helped to give me clarity on what I was looking for and give me beautiful guidance for me to have best life . Thank you Shivani B

Date: 4-20-2017

Jill was fabulous! I have already recommended her to a few friends. She was simply amazing the things she knew about my life. She nailed everything.     Julianna K

Date: 3-26-2017

I had an amazing reading from Jill… she was very nice and she told me what I needed to know not what I wanted to here… she was straight forward and didn’t sugar coat anything… I had questions about a relationship and she validated some information I needed to know about some past issues in my partners life to help me better understand why my partner were doing certain things that was not good for the relationship… now we can move forward and I can help make this relationship better… Amenia T

Date: 3-5-2017

I was a total skeptic going into the whole thing, but minutes into the session I could really feel that this was a genuine real experience and I wouldn’t have chosen anyone else to have gone to knowing how it was going to turn out. She turned me into a believer in less than an hour and I highly recommend her services and for everyone who’s curious two call her and make a session because it will change your beliefs and perception on everything! Again this was an awesome experience!      Eric M

Date 1-30-2017

My reading with Jill was just amazing! I cannot describe the amount of weight I feel lifted, & the level of happiness & comfort I now have. I was so nervous at first but as soon as we started talking, I felt very at peace talking to Jill, & it honestly felt like I was talking to a friend. I recommend her to anyone looking for help & in need of peace. I will absolutely be a returning customer.      Natalie S

Date 9-14-2016

SHE IS THE ONE – Jill combines an extraordinary gift of insight with a direct sharpness. She began by using numerology to place a foundation for the reading, which was both interesting and accurate regarding my personality and areas of focus. Jill then began opening me up to my highest potential, some of which was a revelation. She answered questions about business and personal life with rapid fire and almost alarming accuracy. A reading with Jill will put your mind at ease and soothe your soul. Brent from Australia

Date:  6-17-2016


Date:  3-22-2016

Jill was amazing she did numerology alongside a psychic reading. She gave me a lot of clarity when it came to my love life and career. Her point of view was refreshing and helped me to navigate my life in the proper direction. Try her out you won’t be disappointed! Miss Johnson

Date:  3-15-2016

OMG Jill is amazing angel sent from heaven her predictions are on the money and she has helped so many people out of crisis in the hardest most bleek situations like mine which is horrific.  She helped me build confidence and find a tiny ray of light to get out of this walking coma living nightmare! You see I have an illness that no Doctor has been able to properly diagnosis.  She though on the other hand is always right.  However, with her life coaching support I have been able to gain control of my life back, move forward, & learn to deal with my illness so I can enjoy life again.  Thank you Jill. God bless you may have a million readings to come and so much abundance u deserve you saved my life!         Alyssa B.

Date:  2-2-2015

First I like to thank Jill she is very easy to talk with which helps when you talk with a complete stranger. She helped me understand more of myself and guide me on what I should be doing. She said things that were very on the spot with me. Thank you for the session with you!!! Will certainly call her in the future.       Jed T.

Date: 5-19-2015 

Jill is a great psychic.. She picked on my situation so quickly and accurately it gave me goose bumps … The predictions that she gave to me gave to pass.. Thank you so much Jill!  Amber A 

Date:  2-2-2015 

I contacted Jill for a both a medium and psychic reading. What amazing, pure, humble and accurate power Jill has. She was able to make a clear connection with the loved one I wanted to contact, and the information received was comforting and accurate – and very helpful. I instantly felt at ease with Jill, like I was talking to a good friend. She is humble and clear in her purpose and I highly recommend her. Thank you Jill for the blessings you shared with me.        Natalie W

Date:  12-1-2014

I am a true skeptic & am not easily persuaded. I called Jill for financial advice & she started to tell me facts about my life that no one knew especially since I had not told anyone. Jill provided a sense of comfort & guidance that I needed in order to release certain blocks & in doing so, I achieved things that I would have never dreamed possible. I dropped out of medical school then shortly after met a mentor who is paying for my Masters in Healthcare Administration and offered me a contract.     Victoria W

Date:  12-1-2014

I had a very enlightening experience Jill was very intuitive and provided a great reading. I appreciated her honesty and was surprised at how she was able to pin point the challenges that I was experiencing. Jill I would like to thank you again for sharing your knowledge and reaffirming the confidence in me you have a very special gift. Blessings.       Alfred G

Date:  12-1-2014

Jill nailed my personality perfectly. It was shocking how accurate she was. She also worked out a plan for me to get out of the rut I’m in which is exactly what I needed. I’m thankful I chose Jill to do my reading.        Kenny F

Date:  12-1-2014

I had my first reading with Jill tonight. She told me some lessons that I needed to learn in order for great things to start happening for me. She was very thorough and took the time to explain what I needed to do. I felt very comfortable talking to her and she didn’t rush the session. She also explained the type of person I am and was very accurate. I am pleased with all she explained to me and have learned a lot from this reading. Thank you!  Kara S

Date: 10-29-2014

Jill was very helpful and professional when I had a reading with her. She gave me a reading on my father, and really helped the healing process end after a long time of suffering. She was spot on about everything! I definitely recommend Jill as a medium and guide!  Kieley

Date:  8-21-2013

I lived next to and grew up with Jill. But only recently did I find out about her special gift. My Dad passed away at a young age and the 30 year anniversary of his death was approaching, so I contacted Jill to see if we could get a message. Well, I received many wonderful messages and Jill did a great job. I can truthfully say that I have been hurting for the last 30 years over the loss of my Dad, but since the reading, I have a sense of peace and really a different outlook on life. I will be forever grateful to Jill!  Debbie P

Date:  8-8-2013

Jill’s reading was excellent! She gave me some of the same information in two different readings, a year apart. Some of the details that she brought up were so accurate, I was shocked! She seems to really care about you as a client and puts forth all of her energy into the reading. I felt comfortable talking to her and asking questions.       Molly

Date:  5-24-2013

I met Jill about 3 years ago. I worked with her brother and he said that she was coming down to his house, and that she would do a reading for whoever wanted one.  I was at a point in my life where I needed some answers.  I must say, the questions that I asked and the answers that were given were beyond mind blowing.  I felt as though  she looked right into my heart and soul and was able to see who I was, only after meeting me one time.  She was incredibly accurate and I still believe that whatever gift she has, or whatever some may call it, it is incredible.          Robert Jones

Date:  5-16-2013

Jill has done readings for me several times.  Not only is she incredibly insightful, but she possesses a high level of accuracy.  I strongly encourage any individual to contact her for clarification on their “next step”.  If you are on this website, you have a question or a need, If you are reading this, let me assure you you came to the right place.                 Karen Erhard 

Date:  11-9-2011

I interviewed for a company and was getting anxious because I didn’t hear anything back from this company.  When they finally called me which was exactly when she said they would my husband said OMG she was right on the money.  At that moment it hit me.  She had previously told me more than once not to worry they would call me on Wednesday morning between 10:15am to 10:45.  Sure enough it was exactly 10:45 when I received the call.  Lisa-wonder woman!

Date:  10-5-2011

Jill has done a numerology reading for me. I was impressed with how lengthy and through it really was. It gave me direction of a career path.  And she followed up with me giving me more detailed intuitive guidance with the reading.  I felt although we were friends.  She Nailed it.  She knew me.  I don’t know how but she truly understood my un-asked questions.  I hope to continue to use her in life changes.  She has and is the best in her field.   Her business knowledge and skills of networking is truly a bonus.  I also find her humor refreshing.   Please do yourself and gift yourself the benefit of her services.   Thank you… Roxanne Young


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